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June 20, 2012

Ruby for Church

The teams decided to boat to Ruby for church services this morning.  Since 26 of 28 were going I decided to go along.  We decided to take two boats when so may wanted to go.  We packed a buffet lunch as the group in Ruby does a pot luck when we come down.  Left early, the first part of the trip felt like traveling on a lake the river was so smooth but winds picked up about 1/2 way there and it got a bit bumpy.  Pulled into Ruby with time to spare, great service, nice lunch.  I was on the first boat to leave, second boat was loading and we were about 30 minutes upriver when Roger realized that the other boat was faster and should have caught up by then.  We turned around and found them dead in the water floating back to Ruby and almost there.  Roger jumped over to try and get the motor running.  We used our boat to naviagate while tied to the side and kept the boat from going ashore.  We were just pulling back into Ruby when the engine fired and off we both go upriver again.  The second engine run to just about where we found them before and quit again for no reason.  They got it running and we continued upstream with frequent stops, tinkering, and roaring back to life.  After an hour of this Roger gave up and back to Ruby we went.  They changed the prop to a power prop and loaded all 26 of us into the boat, (fortunately it was the big boat that was still running).  We motored slowly up river for a bit but when Roger tried to get the boat on step, the prop spun out.  Now we were floating  on the Yukon, overloaded and without engine.  Such excitement.  We put the old prop back on, prayed a whole bunch and it held.  It was a slow trip back upriver.  We had to stop and borrow gasoline from a camp, the weight just ate up the gas.  We limped into camp after 7pm, hungry and grateful for enough excitement to bond us together and not so much that anyone was hurt or required rescue.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be on that river with anyone other than Roger Huntington, he knows the river, boats, engines and keeps his cool through it all.  We were blessed on this trip.