May 2, 2017

Amsterdam &The Canals

Getting here was much easier than expected. Viking was waiting at the gate with transportation to the hotel. Nice four star hotel on the canal in the high rent district. Delta did a great job. Fed us three times on a ten hour flight.  Nice Airbus plane but recliners don’t really recline. The last three hours are really long.  Linda was here napping in the room when I got in.  We ended up in a lovely restaurant downtown. The food was so beautiful that everyone in the room was taking photos before they ate. Never really been in a restaurant that all the food was art. There were two people at the counter whose job was to add garnish after it was cooked. Oh my, and it tasted good.

May 1, 2017

The European Adventure Begins

Day one finds me in Seattle. I came because my flight was six am on Monday but of course, after checking into the hotel in Seattle I find my flight is not until six pm tomorrow. Hope this whole trip is not like this
Teach me to pay more attention to the schedule. So big day in Seattle tomorrow

May 1, 2017

I had this big goal of getting the Mexico adventure posted but while in Mexico it seems a Christmas mouse and friends moved into my house. My lovely dog has been mousing most all nights. Mousing for a 85 lb dog sounds awful with toenail on wood floors and terrible persistant sniffing. The first night I told her to kill it or quit; I went back to sleep at 5:30 and woke up to find her sleeping on the couch. Last night she woke me at 3:30 same racket, same sniffing. I told her to kill it or I was getting a cat. I woke up this morning to find a well licked but not chewed mouse laying in my doorway. Little paws in the air, lying on its back. Glory be, the dog has a purpose afterall.

April 27, 2017

Getting Ready for an Adventure

I am getting excited.  Off for one of those once in a lifetime adventures.  My girlfriend and I are going on a Viking River cruise-Amsterdam to Budapest.  Not even sure what to take or expect.  I am hoping for lots of small places and great walking.


June 24, 2012

Saying Goodbye for Another Year

We did a hot breakfast and then said goodbye to two boatloads who went upriver to Tanana to catch their planes.  It is hard to say goodbye but most all say they will be back next year.  Syd and Tarek left just after with Melissa, they were going to try and show her McKinley on the way home.  She is one wonderful young lady.  The remaining 5 are taking the Kodiak from here.  We went to Galena to fuel up then hit some weather on the way back through the passes.  We diverted quite a ways east in order to go around it but all in all a good trip home.  We said hello to the Maine team on the runway and wished them well for their week.  I miss the river already and haven’t left yet.

June 23, 2012

Frantic Friday

Everyone frantically trying to finsih all the projects around camp and in the kitchen.  Bath house looks great even if not quite done.  Roger did a pretend flush video where it looks like he flushed the toilet but the water is not into the bathouse yet and he flushed with a bucket.  Great fun ayway.  Plumbers due in the end of the week to tie in the water.  We did a remake of the unloading of the boat from Ruby; we got all 26 people into the boat and then had them pile out quickly as we filmed what that looks like.  It was hard to tell whether we were smiling more on the remake cause we were laughing or smiling more on the real unloaded in relief of being off that boat.  Gina finished 1594 cookie balls, totally blowing out of the water the goal of 600.  Counting the several hundred that got eaten during the week, this wonderful lady made over 2000 cookies.  And she said the first day that she didn’t really make cookies!!!!  We did some serious scrubbing on the kitchen and prepped food for today and the team coming in tomorrow.  I am tired today, hitting the wall.  The entire team is.  They finished that entire concrete pad, pouring lots of yards of concrete by hand with a small mixer while mining their sand and gravel.  It took a big crew over 2 days but will be a new generator building eventually.  They didn’t even break for lunch either day, we sent up lunches.  Affirmation night was today with 9 new people being honored for being there.  We finished our last Fill or Bust dice game.  No Dice Singleton again scored the most no dice cards and Tarek won again.  Will miss out games and discussions.

June 22, 2012

Happy Camp

We are spending the days keeping up with meals and making cookie balls.  The crews are eating cookies almost as fast as we can make them.  Tonight is turkey night (Thanksgiving dinner on the Yukon)  The turkey makes everyone sleep well and then they work better the next day.  This has been an emotional day.  God seems to be working in everyones hearts.  The boat trip really helped to jell the teams into one unit.  Everyone is getting along, work is going well,  This is a happy camp.

June 21, 2012

Monday at Camp

Everyone was anxious to be working today, no breaks, trying to catch up from yesterday.  When God wants you to take a day of rest he sometimes really shows you what that means like he did for us yesterday.  We made pizza for dinner trying to use the stuff we had thawed and had ready for the last 3 days when not one meal went as planned.  We made lots of gourmet pizzas like Chicken artichoke sundried tomatoe with a garlic white cheese sauce, and BBQ pork and pineapple.  Eat your heart out Mooses Tooth!!

June 20, 2012

Ruby for Church

The teams decided to boat to Ruby for church services this morning.  Since 26 of 28 were going I decided to go along.  We decided to take two boats when so may wanted to go.  We packed a buffet lunch as the group in Ruby does a pot luck when we come down.  Left early, the first part of the trip felt like traveling on a lake the river was so smooth but winds picked up about 1/2 way there and it got a bit bumpy.  Pulled into Ruby with time to spare, great service, nice lunch.  I was on the first boat to leave, second boat was loading and we were about 30 minutes upriver when Roger realized that the other boat was faster and should have caught up by then.  We turned around and found them dead in the water floating back to Ruby and almost there.  Roger jumped over to try and get the motor running.  We used our boat to naviagate while tied to the side and kept the boat from going ashore.  We were just pulling back into Ruby when the engine fired and off we both go upriver again.  The second engine run to just about where we found them before and quit again for no reason.  They got it running and we continued upstream with frequent stops, tinkering, and roaring back to life.  After an hour of this Roger gave up and back to Ruby we went.  They changed the prop to a power prop and loaded all 26 of us into the boat, (fortunately it was the big boat that was still running).  We motored slowly up river for a bit but when Roger tried to get the boat on step, the prop spun out.  Now we were floating  on the Yukon, overloaded and without engine.  Such excitement.  We put the old prop back on, prayed a whole bunch and it held.  It was a slow trip back upriver.  We had to stop and borrow gasoline from a camp, the weight just ate up the gas.  We limped into camp after 7pm, hungry and grateful for enough excitement to bond us together and not so much that anyone was hurt or required rescue.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be on that river with anyone other than Roger Huntington, he knows the river, boats, engines and keeps his cool through it all.  We were blessed on this trip.

June 19, 2012

New Teams in Camp

The weather broke this afternoon and the planes got out and brought the Crossings team.  What a blessing these women are.  Tarek and Sydney arrived by float plane just before dinner.  Kathy and Gina from the crossing both came to work in the kitchen, what incredible miracles these two are.  Gina is tasked with making all the cookies for the kids camps and freezing the dough.  Kathy can run this kitchen with her eyes closed.  We have set a goal for 600 cookies for camp, won’t be enough but should really help the next cooks.  If we could keep the current team from eating so many we might get more frozen, sigh.  We got groceries today.  Yeah for lettuce that traveled well, and my darling daughter sent avacados, treat treat treat on the Yukon.  We were so out of whipped cream and dream whip that we made whipped something from coffee creamer, actually tasted quite good.  We will keep it for back up replacement for dream whip.