This is a delightful little town with a huge cathedral.  It is hard to not believe in God when you sit in this cathedral.  The windows are unbelievable .  The photos do not do them justice.

We wandered through the quaint streets with a real mixture of very old and new buildings.  We found some great little shops, cafes, and shoes.  Bought a pair of soft handmade leather shoes that are closer to art than function.  I can’t wait to wear them.

The walking is really tough on Linda.  I convinced her to purchase a walking stick  .  She says she is happy to have a club.  If someone does something she doesn’t like she plans to hit them .  She said her grandmother had a cane and would shake it in the air.  I am glad to see her a little more stable on the cobblestones.

We had coffee and a pastry in the famous coffeehouse Cafe Princess and found wonderful Shoes from Germany and Austria. This is home to St Peters Cathedral, nbegan in 700 ad, then rebuilt due to fire in 1320. It was full of beautiful 14th century stained glass.  This town is known for its cuckoo clocks.


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