Germany, Franconia,and Bavaria

I thought I was visiting Germany. Come to find out that when in Franconia do not mention Bavaria and visa versa. A pristine example of generations being unable to forget the past. How can we ask God to forgive us when we cannot forgive?   It was sad that a whole country was given away as a gift but it was hundreds of years ago.

The houses, villages, and cobblestone streets are right out of a storybook. So sweet. I want so much to be able to explore a few of the attic rooms. They have the cutest little windows way up in the peak. The cobblestones are very tough to walk. We have been losing the old folks daily to falling. There is currently a shortage of wheelchairs on board. There are lessons here. First if this type of travel interests you find a way and do it before you pay for this expensive tour and are unable to get off the boat. Even being able to walk hills would be nice as many of the fortresses and castles and churches are built up the hill. So many cannot go.

The water is high on the river as it is spring. The bridges are quaint and low. They closed the Sun deck days ago and the wheelhouse retracts into the deck. We clear many of the bridges by inches. There is a bridge ahead that we will not clear. Today we pack up say goodbye to the Aegir and bus off to a different boat on the other side of the low bridge. Our Captain said he would like to blow this one up. The people on the other boat are doing the same. Called boat swap. Other than a bus ride and packing both boats of people just continue on.

We are in Nuremberg. I did not do the tour to the courtrooms where the war trials were held. I just couldn’t find peace with that but I am going to walk the city and see it.  It was mostly destroyed but rebuilt after the war.


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