Bicycles,Giants, and Gentleman Friends

In Amsterdam the bicycles have the right of way. Always; and every little red sidewalk is filled with wheeled maniacs trying to kill pedestrians. It is hard to look around and stay alive. Linda was scared most of the time, she got really jumpy after almost getting run over multiple times. If you get run over by a bike it is your fault.

I am not sure what they feed the Dutch but they are skinny and tall. Like really tall, like all of them. I never thought of how short I really am until I find the mirror in the bathroom is above my head. I think they are skinny cause they are all running around on them damn bikes.

Linda thought she had a new gentleman friend when this nice guy followed her into the ladies room. She described him as good looking and just a little younger than her.  He spoke a whole bunch of something Dutch and disappeared into one of the little rooms .  She left before he came out.  We discussed over dinner if she had just witnessed a gender challenged guy, a progressive society, or a seduction in progress.  When we left the restaurant we found a sign showing the men’s room out of order.  We think it was a guy with a case of “Tootle Loo”.  She missed her chance.



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