Castles and Boats

We ave travelled through the Rhine Valley. It is a picturesque area of lovely old German towns and castles. The call them ABC.  “Another Beautiful Castle”. I have thus far heard beautiful substituted with Bloody, Blasted, Blooming, and a Bountiful. We walked and crawled through one that was totally original. Most have been attacked and are rebuilt versions of twelfth century castles but we actually saw one as it began. The scale is so much smaller than one would think. The privy in this one was in the main room. It was so seldom that there was indoor plumbing that they wanted to show it off for guests. Indoor plumbing means a toilet seat in a closet that opens to the outdoors where waste drops into the gardens below. It’s no wonder they drank the wine rather than the water.

Our boat is quite lovely. The Viking personnel are very trained in the art of customer service. It is immaculate with smiling happy crew, great food and tons of activities.  Good choice for seeing the countryside. Highly recommend this excursion.


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