Tulips and Things

After sleeping in and missing our tour today we decided to go to the Kuekenhof. They plant seven million tulip bulbs in the exquisite gardens. There are restaurants, fountains, statues and flower displays. Very lovely. It is only open a few weeks a year but we were here at the right time. Feeling fortunate for the tulips and pondering the    Dutch people

On the bus trip to the gardens we passed through the small red light district and yes there are naked women in the windows. I only saw one and Linda missed it.  We did however, have some interesting events.

Upon exiting the bus at the end of the garden tour a nice British gentleman bids us a cheery Toodle Loo and hurried exits in front of us. Leaving behind the most horrible stench of gas. We have decided that we will announce the passing of gas as “Toodle Loo” for the rest of our trip

i think these people have taken recycling to a new level. The restrooms have cotton rolls of towels in dispensers. The rolls are sent out and washed. The Kleenex is recycled. No plastic or paper disposables in sight. Thank goodness they have yet to find a way to recycle toilet paper. I think there are bright Dutch boys working on that right now


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