Making a dream a reality

Sometimes you dream but so often they just don’t happen.  Part of life I think.  I always dreamed of having a house at the lake property, really never knew if it could become a reality.  It has been the hardest battle I have ever fought.  I can’t say I actually have a house there, no flushing toilet or shower, or heat.  But I have a roof, insulation, sheetrock and paint.   Biggest deal is that I camped out and spent the night there, 31 years after purchasing the property.  I had lots of trouble sleeping, kept waking up and watching the lake.  There were nine loons singing and dancing as only loons can.  The sun rose over the mountains and I cried.  The photo is me in bed, check out the view.  The other is the view out of my window. Now-to get heat and lights and flushing potty!!!


One Comment to “Making a dream a reality”

  1. Hey sis, the view is incrediable! You’ve worked so hard for this and you deserve every bit of it. Your amazing at turning every home you’ve had in to a master piece with your great sense of decorating, and I know when this home is done it will be everything you’ve always wanted and it will look AMAZING! I Love you bunches you truly are a beautiful person and a wonderful sister. love always your sister

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